Thursday, October 25, 2007

It all works out thanks to God

I've just realized(well, been reminded of really) that God takes care of me. I've really been stressing lately about my calling(as you can read in posts past), and whether I'm really meant to be an engineer- what with my math troubles and all. I asked God to help me with Statics, having faith that He meant for me to be an engineer- and He provided. Yesterday I got 3+ hours of tutoring from Joe, and I'm finally starting to understand the material. The professor agreed to my request to let me retake the midterm later to prove that I know/will know the material. I'm no master just yet- but I have a foothold and now I'm on the track. It will be a long, hard, and boring track, but if that's the track that God has for me, it's the track that I want to be on.

Tonight I had a miniature dilemma with Korean manners- the guy that I tutor gave me a big tip since we won't be meeting for the next several classes, and I felt rather uncomfortable taking it because I didn't know if he needed it more than I did. I felt guilty taking it, especially because I didn't realize that he had given me the tip until afterward, and I didn't get the opportunity to thank him right there. I IMed one of my friends seeking advice about whether or not it is polite to refuse a tip in Korea. It worked out that I that friend was struggling to cover a bill- I thought 'well, this works out nicely'. God blessed me both by solving my dilemma and by giving me an opportunity to pass that blessing on. I am glad.

Earlier tonight I went with Joe to (part of) a piano/choir/cello concert, although we had to leave before the cello part started. It was full of many well-dressed Koreans(not formal, just nice) and I stood out by wearing a BRIGHT blue and yellow tie-dye shirt and dark green work pants. As we approached the building, Joe asked "Do you think we're underdressed?" I replied "I think I'm underdressed for just about anything." It was a nice atmosphere, I (as usual) took the opportunity to daydream about various things. Daydreaming to pleasant classical music is something I should do more often. In a hammock. Yeeeeesss. Is there something wrong with me if I consider the chief merit of a quality classical concert to be a nice atmosphere to daydream in? Perhaps.

I got my Literature midterm back, I got a 221/260(85%) which I noticed was significantly higher than some of other scores I saw. The advantages of being a native English speaker, I guess. This week the weekend English school is going to be different. Since I(and many of the other ESL teachers) are going to be far away during the Korean festival time, we're skipping that week and having a double week this week, which I rather like. I wouldn't be working that week at all under the original plan, but this double-week plan gives me the opportunity to work and get that week's pay, which is sweet. I'm going to see if I can possibly save and scrounge enough to avoid taking out a student loan next semester. The less debt I have, the better. I hate debt. Another bonus is that (for both the teachers and the kids' sake), the extra time during this double week is not just more classroom time, but we're having a 'harvest festival' which I equate to the carnivals that TBC had earlier this summer. There will be movie watching, facepainting, and presumably a lot of other neat, festival-like things.

I'll be going pretty much all day, though- there's a "International Student Love Feast" hosted by a church out in Pohang which I plan to go to, though I'll have to leave early and find some transportation back to school. I mentioned to the English camp people that a shuttle would be neat if a lot of teachers wanted to attend(since many are in the target group). I'll have to email Mark. Anyway, there's a bunch of neat stuff- 'Food, Fun, and Free Ultrasonography' is the lineup. Kind of has a ring to it, eh? I'm not sure why international student need an ultrasound, but hey- the hospital putting on the medical checkups thinks it's a good idea. I'm game, as long as it doesn't involve smearing jelly all over myself like they do with prenatal ultrasounds on all those cheesy 'It's a Baby!' shows that TLC has.

Today we discussed strongholds in Marriage and Enrichment. We're covering general people problems right now, things that can especially screw up a marriage. Last class was forgiveness, this class strongholds. I got a hat trick, suggesting three important strongholds. Joe gave me a high-five for my outstanding performance in knowing strongholds.

I'm still losing weight. I haven't weighed myself since the last post, but today I put on pants for the first time since earlier this year(tee hee)(It's been shorts weather so far, at least for me). I of course chose my favorite pants, the survive-a-nuclear-bomb Sorel chainsaw pants. I appreciate things that I made to last. Anyway, earlier this year(AKA summer) they fit fine, bit bit loose but certainly well enough. Today, though, I was presently surprised to find that they are not very lose. Really loose, like the baggy pants that were(are?) in style that adolescent boys wore/wear to show off their boxers, which apparently was hip. Hooray! Later I'll try on the suit that didn't fit me in Australia- maybe I don't need tailoring after all.

Anyway, that's enough of the mundane details of my life. Why don't you leave me a comment detailing the mundane details of your life? I'd enjoy reading it.


  1. hey do you know where I can buy those chainsaw pants?

  2. I got mine at Dicks' Sporting Goods. Search the interwebs, though.