Sunday, April 22, 2007

Check one off the list.

I've been worried for a long time about storing all my stuff while I'm gone from May until December. Accomodations for summer aren't bad, but I'm gone for the fall semester too, so I can't use any of the summer options.

So I bought a van.

What? Well, it was $500- I sold the engine to a guy I know for $250, and it also has a transmission that will match my truck, a 700R4 with overdrive. The one in my truck now doesn't have overdrive, so I'd get awful highway mileage. 700R4 transmissions usually go for about $150-300. The transmission doesn't matter anymore because I'm selling my truck- but I'm selling the transmission with the truck, so I still get value out of it. I also figured I'd be able to sell some stuff off of the van and make maybe $50-100. (I can, and am) Perfect plan, eh? Park it on campus, lock it up. Essentially free storage, right?

It would have worked great, but security got wind of the lack of engine and it got noted as a "Junk Vehicle". Handbook says no junk vehicles allowed on campus, it has to go- this interferes with my plan to store stuff in it all year; obviously. So ever since I got the no-go from security I've been trying to figure out a place to park my vehicle for the better part of a year, for free. I'd had no luck. I even tried to convince security to make an exception(yeah right). Well, today I got two offers to let me store it off-campus. Woot! One from my RA and another from my pastor.

With effort and prayer, things are falling into place.

Here's a picture of the van from when I bought it:

You can see how gracious it is for someone to let me park this on their property! It's one ugly son of a gun. It was a conversion van with fancy seats and stuff, but I gutted it so it's just bare metal inside. Just finished that today. It was a nasty job, as the previous owner let cats live in it.

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