Monday, April 30, 2007

Close call: God is faithful

One of the big items on my to-do list was to sell my truck. I found a buyer in Austin that was willing to pay a $100 deposit on the $1500 truck to have me deliver it. He told me that he wanted to buy it. This works out fairly well because Erik lives in Austin, and I could catch a ride back with him. Because my truck only has a 3-speed transmission installed, I could only go 45 MPH to get good fuel efficiency. I did take it fairly fast(83) and it was surprisingly smooth. In fact, for the last 40 miles or so I cruised at 65 with the flow of traffic, just to get there quicker. It really sucked down the diesel at that speed, though. I ended up running out of fuel the next day on my way to deliver it. Since I had a half-full drum of biodiesel in the back, Erik's parents and I were able to put some in the tank using a coffee mug and a traffic cone. Poor fuel filter, at least I included a spare.
Anyway, I arrive at the buyer's place of work, which was some hippie store. They sold all sorts of all natural hipster products, including biodiesel. Anyway, my buyer ends up being pretty flakey and indecisive. His boss(who knows a bit about diesel vehicles) looks it over and tell him it's a good buy. He takes it out for a test drive and likes it. He then proceeds to ask me for a couple of hours to think it over. Er... okay. I'm with Erik's mom at this point, who has been graciously accommodating my needs for selling my truck. We drive around and run errands for an hour or so before we have nothing left to do, and tell flakeboy that it's time to decide. When we arrive, he tells me that he hopes I won't be angry. Always a good way to start a conversation. Anyway, after about 15 more minutes of sales pitch, I'm convinced that he's intent on backing out. I did have his $100 deposit to cover my fuel/aggravation, however.
Thoroughly discouraged, we drive back to the Franks and I immediately post the truck on Craigslist again, with "Or best offer" and an explanation of my need for immediate sale, hoping to sell it within 24 hours so I wouldn't have to drive all the way back to Longview at 45 MPH, the night before I have a final at 7:30AM.
I get a few calls that night, two serious-sounding guys and a hippy girl with no money. Sunday, I didn't hear back from the first guy, the second guy couldn't work on my schedule. However, I got another call the next day from a farmer who sounded very seriously interested. He drove 2 hours to come look at it, but didn't buy because there was no AC, and he had a 10-month old son who needed AC. I thought the truck had AC, but I guess it was just vent. Everything was there except for the compressor. It even made hissing noises. Sorry, buddy- didn't mean to waste your time.
My deadline was fast approaching, 5PM. It was 4PM when I finished up with the last guy. While I was speaking with him, I had silenced a call on my cell phone, which I called back right then. Another interested buyer. He lived close and got there around 4:50(partly due to my bad directions. Luckily for me, he was decisive and told me that he would buy the truck about 15 minutes later, while I anxiously gave Erik the good news and asked him to wait while I quickly sealed the deal. Since my buyer came alone, Erik, myself, and the Franks parents followed him to his house(along the route) and completed the sale there. Talk about a photo finish! Already leaving town before I got cash in hand. I asked $1500, I got $1300. I was actually desperate enough to have offered the truck to the friendly farmer for $800, but the AC was a dealbreaker.

All of this was made possible through prayer. I called my parents several times to ask them to pray. Most of the time, I wasn't sure if it was going to be God demonstrating his faithfulness, or teaching me a lesson for doing something stupid(driving to Austin with only $100 deposit). Praise God, he was faithful, is faithful, and will be faithful. He takes care of me.

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