Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Progress to Handong

I got my laptop today. I bought it since lugging a desktop over to Korea would be bad. What would I do about a monitor? Getting a laptop is a better solution. So now I'm trying to sell my computer to semi-finance the new laptop purchase. I'm also trying to sell my truck, as I am semi-likely to be buying my parents Montero for cheap once they take over the payments on my brother's Accord.

Let me rewind there for the uninitiated: My brother is moving to Australia for the excellent reason of marrying an Australian. My parents are possibly going to take over payments on his Honda, and sell me their Montero to me for cheap.

I am going to be in Australia for the wedding directly before I go to Korea. I'm also going to Alaska for the bulk of the summer, volunteering at a bible camp, which is run by the father of one of my floor buddies.
So here's my schedule:
May 3 - Leave Longview TX to fly home to Uxbridge MA.
May 23-26 - Drive back to TX in newly acquired Montero(hopefully) OR fly back in case of no car.
May 27 - Fly from DFW to Anchorage, AK to Port Alsworth, camp location.
August 6 - Fly from Anchorage, AK to Seattle, then Seattle to Los Angeles. Depart from LAX.
August 7 - Spend all of this day in air.
August 8 - Stop in Auckland, continue to Brisbane. My birthday!
August 8-15 - Jake's wedding and festivities.
August 16 - Depart Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur. Spend night in Airport (Apparently!)
August 17 - Arrive Seoul/Incheon.
August 17 - beginning of semester Make way to Pohang from Seoul (Hitchhike? Train? Walk?)
Beginning of semester - end of semester - Infiltrate Handong, acquire knowledge.
December 15 -17 - Tour Korea/Seoul with new Korean friends.
December 17 - Depart Seoul.
December 18 - Arrive DFW via Houston.
After that, I'm out of planning juice. Will get more later.

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