Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I am in the terminal.

I wrote this as an email to my folks, which is why it sounds personal instead of like a blog post.

Hello there! I'm in the secure zone of the airport now. I'm on flight NZ5(Air New Zealand), departing LAX at 10:30PM. I will arrive at 11:00AM on what may be the 10th for you. God gave me a cool birthday present- there were no fees to change my ticket. When I got to the ticket counter, John(the guy I spoke with originally, who could give me a sweet deal) wasn't there and I didn't end up seeing him. He apparently told someone my situation, as the lady that helped me knew my deal. There were going to be fees and a substantial change in ticket cost because only first-class seats were available. She saw the distress on my face, I suppose, because she disappeared for a few minutes(with my passport and tickets to Korea, causing me some slight distress) and when she came back, she just printed my ticket and told me to have a nice flight. I thanked her profusely and now I'm on my way! Praise God! He's so great! Jehovah Jireh, the Lord provides.

Mike was a good host. He was out most(all) of the time; I didn't see Kait at all. I suppose she's out of town. I left them half of the pie that you(Mom and Dad) gave me. I don't think it would have made it to Brisbane in my checked baggage. The first day I was there I walked about 3.5 miles after not properly memorizing the map of the area. I wasn't lost, really, I just went way too far in the wrong direction trying to find a Subway. Eventually I admitted defeat and headed back to Mike's place and checked the map. It was about a mile and a half to the plaza where the food was(and back). I walked it twice, lunch and dinner. All in all I walked 6.5 miles yesterday. Good exercise I suppose, and refreshing. CA makes sure that pedestrians are well taken care of with bike trails through the city and such, on the pretense that people should bike to work instead of driving.

Anyway, I'm happy that God has taken care of me; I knew he would. This whole debacle came about from my own poor planning, God forgave me for being an idiot and provided.

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