Saturday, August 25, 2007

I just installed Skype

Call me up sometime. My Skype name is ned.funnell.

I'm moved into the new dorm, I-House. I have one Vietnamese roommate and two Korean roommates(one of which is yet to appear). Tomorrow I will go to Handong International Church for the first time. Classes start on Monday. It should be interesting! I went downtown to buy some bedding today- all I walked away with was a pillow(and no pillowcase) because it was expensive at the place I found in the open market. I'll go to the 6-story department store tomorrow and try again. Everything else is cheap, so I guess something has to be expensive.

I also need to straighten out my course registration stuff- two of the courses that I was expecting to take are full (American/British Literature and Intercultural communication). The latter was replaced easily enough with Intercultural Studies. The guy who teaches it is a riot- he gave a lecture during out orientation about culture shock. He's very energetic and for the most part, the antithesis of most Koreans- loud, obnoxious, and provocative.

I don't think any of the classes that are offered for English language will transfer to LETU for my literature elective- so I'd really like to get into that Am/Brit lit class.

Anyway, it's late here. Goodnight.

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