Saturday, May 5, 2007

Good news, bad news

Good news: I cleared the hurdle of packing up and departing LETU.
Bad news: Massachusetts is extremely boring.

Seriously boring. I just took a walk. Come on, that's totally AARP territory right there. I was so bored that I took a walk for no reason whatsoever. It's not that there's anything bad about walking, but I should have something better to do. I suppose the transition from the end-of-year hustle(e.g. bustle) to doing absolutely nothing is rather jarring.

When I'm bored at LETU, I just walk down the hall, and 80% of the time someone will need to talk to you, something interesting will be happening, something. Here in MA, though, all my high school friends/acquaintances are mostly drunks. What to do? I've looked for a job, but I'm only here 2.5 weeks so nobody wants to hire for that short, and there's no temp work in a town this small.

Bonus: I just remembered that my potato cannon is in storage here. I must acquire.

What else can I do? The Montero needs to have its brakes bled. However, anytime that I have access to the Montero I'm going to be out doing something. Video games? Perhaps. I wish I hadn't gotten rid of San Andreas. Hmm. Suggestions? (Seriously, leave a comment. I'm talking to myself here)


  1. Anyone who thinks Massachusetts is more boring than Texas is drinking the wrong kool-aid.

    You could have gone to visit one of your (2) Uncles* who live in Mass, and probably have many entertaining stories to tell.

    And last time I checked there were libraries, theaters, museums, stadia and restaurants to amuse anyone who is really trying. :-)

    *Like the one who now has your ex siamese cat.

  2. All excellent diversions for persons over 50 with a pocket full of cash.