Saturday, September 1, 2007

First week of classes done

The first week of classes just finished. Overall, it's going pretty well. I had two mishaps that made me miss some class- first I forgot to set an alarm on my cell phone before I went to sleep on Thursday morning, so I woke up half and hour into my Intercultural Studies class. Ooops. The teacher(boistrous black man) isn't worked up about it. Maybe he is and just doesn't show it. That's always possible. The other event was due to a transcription error on my part. I wrote down my class schedule on one of my notebooks so it would be convenient. However, I screwed up and wrote down third block instead of fourth block for my reinforced concrete engineering class, my only class Tuesdays and Fridays. However, on Friday I remembered having gone to class fourth period, so it wasn't until well into third that I checked my schedule for the time of the class. Since I incorrectly wrote down third period, I thought I had missed the class, when really it hadn't started yet. I wrote the professor an email apologizing for missing class, explaining(what I thought then was) my mistake. I presume that he was confused when he got my email apologizing for missing a class that hadn't started yet(there is a lunch break between third and fourth blocks). He sent his TA to come find me and bring me to class, and it was halfway into class before the TA located me and corrected my mistake.(An email would have been quicker and more effective, but hey) So I went to class late. Again, the professor didn't seem terribly upset. So to summarize: Wrote down wrong time for a class. Thought I had missed class when I checked schedule, but actually hadn't yet. Wrote professor an email apologizing for 'missing class' when I hadn't actually missed.. yet. Professor sent TA to come get me. I make it to class halfway through.

I suppose missing half a class and having an awkward situation is better than missing a whole class. I actually really like the class material.

It's been wet all week between combinations of rain, mist, dew, light rain, sprinkles, etc. The only thing the weather hasn't done yet is downpour. Well, I'd rather have cool wet weather than the deathly hot and humid weather we had before. I just hope it doesn't get cold and rainy, that would be bad. Right now it's 70*F and raining, which is an amenable combination.

Tonight there's a party for Greg Poelman's birthday, so we get to eat pizza instead of rice. Woot!

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