Friday, September 21, 2007

Handong owns your soul

I'm on the holiday break for Chuseok and I'm coming to the realization that Handong thinks that it owns the students. Chuseok is a 5-day break and the school told us that we would be provided with 'hotel and meals' for the break. Now that the break is upon us, it turns out that the break isn't a break at all, it's a 5-day house arrest. We aren't allowed to leave the hotel without telling someone, there is a 11pm curfew(which is checked by roll call), and we have assigned and unchangeable roommates(5 to a room). This isn't a group of kids, this is a bunch of adults from ages 18-35. We can take care of ourselves- yet the school thinks that it had dominion over us. Also, there is 'optional' programming that really isn't optional-we are required to be at certain meeting times during the day. Also, we are required to cook our own meals(something we were not told before)

I think it's total bullcrap. It is CLEAR that Handong does not yet know how to run an international program, because everything is run by Koreans without input from other nationals(or at least it doesn't show). In Korea, children belong to their parents(in essence) until the parents die. Handong apparently thinks that it has the responsibility to take over in the parents' absence and make the students miserable.

Get with the program, Handong- the rest of the world(and the students that come from the rest of the world) doesn't/don't play by Korea's rules. If Handong wants their international program to be decent, they have to realize that International students are different.

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  1. Start the day counter on this post to see how long before this is censored. Must be hard being the 1/100 of a percent overthrowing the authority. I assume the Vote Ned for Student Body Dictator campaign is having a slow start as well? Miss you Ned, stay strong.