Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New developments

A: I learned how to do X and Y components. If I had known how to do this when I was taking Physics 1 and 2, I would have done a lot better. It wasn't even that hard, I just needed somebody to show me.

B: I lost some weight. Mostly from not eating the cafeteria food, I think. Not a ton, but enough to motivate me to go for it. I'm going to start using the gym here, so we'll see how it goes.

C: I wrote a sonnet. Just for kicks. My spite cycle is curving away from the apogee. I decided to try out this whole 'poetry' thing- after all, how can you hate something if you haven't tried it? It's not all good news for the liberal arts majors, since I did this instead of paying attention to an analysis of Shakespeare's sonnet today. I realized after I wrote mine that it wasn't really a Shakespearan sonnet because it doesn't use iambic pentameter, but screw that. Too much work. At least I got the rhyme scheme down. I never claimed it was good. Side note: I have a perfect score in my lit class so far, no points docked on any assignment yet. Sonnet:

While many students endure so strained
Composite faculty aim to help us
People, all, by work are drained.
Attitude of diligence all through the campus.
Youth caught between two ideals
Class and study consume their days
Punctuated time to time with unvaried meals.
Occasional laughter shines like sun's rays.
In the library they are packed like cattle
Souls bent over stores of studious text
Reading books filled with endless prattle.
One can see not a few becoming vexed.
Students preparing for an unwelcoming world;
Wings of skill someday unfurled.

Ta-da! Don't think that just because I wrote a sonnet that I'm cured of my cynicism and tactlessness, though. I'm still mean.

D: Epiphany: nobody is perfect. By inference, that means that I am not perfect. That implies that I have things that I can do better. And if I can do better, I must strive to do so: do all things as unto God, and not unto man. Everything I do is for God- not for man. I must do my best. Recently I've been in a 'good enough' stage- not seeing anything terrible in my life that I need to fix, and being content with that being 'enough'. That's not how it should be- adequacy is not a goal to be satisfied with, it is a minimum to be achieved and surpassed.

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