Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesdays are slow days

...which means I shouldn't have had any scheduling issues today. Yet, with only one class today, I managed to be 20 minutes late. I met some friends at 11:30 this morning to go downtown to get lunch and use the global ATM. I had to be back for a 1:45 class. Plenty of time. Bus left at 11:40, takes around 30 minutes to get to Yukgurri. 12:10. We eat lunch at McDonalds(yes, McDonalds is everywhere) and the food was kind of slow in coming. Being the nervous wreck that I am, I'm starting to worry about the bus, especially since I don't have a bus schedule and want to get there with time to spare. We eat and I use the ATM, and split off from my friends who aren't interesting in leaving so early. I go to the bus stop and discover there is a schedule posted there(this would have saved me a lot of grief/worry the night that I arrived). The schedule says that the next bus arrives at 1:35, and the last one left at 12:35. I'm hosed. The bus came and I went to class around 20 minutes late, without my bookbag. Again, the professor was cool about it but I'm giving Americans a bad image in the punctuality department.

The good news! My new(to me) PDA arrived today, so now I will always have something to tell time with on my person. Also, it's a consistent alarm clock, an e-book reader, and shiny to boot! So now this streak of tardiness should be over. In other news, here is a graph that I made.

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