Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Computer still broken, but now I have a PC on loan!

I was using the computer in the lobby today and Tim asked me why. Upon learning that my computer was broken, he offered to let me use his other computer. The one that I'm using now is the one that he brought with him, but it got a virus or something and so he started using another one, and put this one in a drawer. Anyway, now he let me use it! What an answer to prayer. Thanks Tim!

I also got a much needed haircut today, along with Chris. We wandered around Yukgurri looking for a barbershop someone had told us about, and later settled on one that looked decent enough even though it wasn't the one we were looking for. I picked the least offensive hairstyle of the Kids Menu and now I have a Korean hairstyle, which is much better than the homeless person hairstyle I was sporting only this morning. Here's a picture of the new me, complete with a goldfish growing from my shoulder.

Come to think of it, this picture doesn't really show the new hair, as I've messed it up already. Oh well, Mom will like it anyway. Ignore the grungy shirt, it's an old work shirt.

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  1. Hi Ned,

    I still get a chance to catch up on your blog periodically and enjoy hearing about life at Handong. Sorry you didn't get to vote :-(. I'm looking forward to talking with all of you when you get back in January. Merry Christmas!

    God bless,
    Tom Hellmuth