Sunday, November 11, 2007

Startling job offer refusal pays off

This actually is old news(late October) but I never got around to posting it. If you recall my startling job offer from way back in August, I was contemplating working and living off campus, in the employ of a slightly-shady English school. I decided against it, as you probably surmised. A few weeks ago, I got an email starting like this:

Dear international students,

Currently, few international students in our school were fined for teaching in private academies with D-2 visa (student status). Moreover, Pohang Police start investigating private English academies (Hak-Won) and other place to find illegal working employees."

So yeah. If I had taken that job, I'd probably have been deported, fined, and barred from entering Korea in the future. Good judgment kicks butt.

Not much is new since I returned from Japan. Statics is more of a pain than ever. Last night we had been working on it for 9 hours off and on and we all just decided that it wasn't worth it- we were going to tell the prof that he really needs to think about the problems he assigns us, because when no one in the class can finish more than 2 problems after that long, there is something wrong. Also, we decided to wear towels to class on Thursday(over shorts, naturally) just for fun.

Also, we got the assignment we've been dreading in Literature today- we have to do a 15 minute skit for 15% of our grade. I'm not a fan of that policy.

I've been exercising more regularly, and I'm around 122.5 kg now, or 270lbs. Woot!

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