Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First leg: MA to MD

Some quick notes on how today went:
NYC traffic.
Cutting across 4 lanes of NYC traffic at 45MPH to make a left-hand exit.
New York smells funny.
Toll bridges are ripoff, but the NJ Turnpike is kind of nice.

All the negative things that people say about NJ are actually untrue of NJ, but COMPLETELY true of Delaware. (Panhandlers galore!)
To expound: Everything is backwards in Delaware. Stores will not give cash back from a debit transaction and there is only one ATM per town. However, unlike every other ATM in the nation, it is free. Also, gas stations are only allowed to have entrances. To leave you have to do a funky illegal U-turn and go through the stoplight again.
While heating/eating an MRE out of the back of my car, three different people asked me to give them gas money. My policy on panhandlers is to be rude and tell them to get lost. I did. I don't take no guff from beggars. This was only a problem in Delaware.

Using no AC and no windows down might save 0.1% on gas mileage, but it's not worth it.
Note: Figured out that AC does not work.
Cruise control is a virtue.
I now have a tan on my left(window) arm; but still pale otherwise.
Wasting 1.5 hours getting lost in south NJ trying to find a (totally sweet) junkyard and surplus center is not worth it if it's closed when you get there. (Otherwise yes)
I-95 is a good road, if a bit... multiple-personality disorder.
Using 16ga wire on the inverter apparently causes too much voltage drop. (Odd, worked for AZ, not now)

Tomorrow is MD-TN, Gmaps calls it 11.5 hours so I'm going to bed ASAP so I can beat the WDC traffic out (that is, 6:30AM)


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