Sunday, May 27, 2007

In Alaska

I'm in Alaska. Had a good day full of flying to get here. Set out this morning from Longview with some friends who drove my Montero back. I was cutting it kind of close with time, but I got checked in and through security in plenty of time. Then I remembered that I left my cell phone in the car. Oops. I needed it to call my contact in Alaska when I arrived. I was very tempted to say 'screw it' and leave it behind, but the risk was too great. I went back out through security, checked to see if they might still be there- nope. I borrowed a stranger's cell phone and called my cell phone and got Gareth(my friend driving the Montero back) to come back. My flight started boarding about this time.

Man, I was praying hard that I wouldn't miss my flight, or leave on my flight with no way of communicating with my Alaska peeps. In the end, God provided and I got my phone(and my keys, which I had forgotten also) and I made my flight. I wasn't even the last person in line. God definitely provided- the line for security was empty. Had it had a normal amount of people in it, I might have missed my flight.

Had a 4-hour layover in Denver. Watched Mythbusters in the terminal. I got my seat upgraded to an exit row, but to my dismay I was sitting in the middle, and with a guy almost twice my size (!) next to me. Fuuun. God was looking out for me again, because the other guy I was next to got bumped to first class and me and Mr. Big got to have some personal space.

Now I'm in Anchorage, and I'm staying overnight with some friends of the camp director. Tomorrow afternoon I'll fly out to Port Alsworth, which is a village on a lake far from anywhere. It's accessible only by light aircraft, and when the lake freezes over in the winter you can theoretically drive. That's how they get all the stuff that won't fit in a plane there. Anyway, it should shape up to be an exciting summer.

Also, it's 11:00PM and still mostly light out. Kind of like twilight. Neat! I promise pics; AK is beautiful.

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