Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A small village in Alaska

I am finally in Port Alsworth. It's a small village of 100 or so people, which may triple during tourist season. It's bordered by mountains and lakes, and it absolutely beautiful. The only way to get here is by small plane. Everything is flown in, from building materials to vehicles to toilet paper. There are more ATVs here than vehicles, because they're more practical and easier to fly in. Large vehicles aren't really needed, anyway. It hovers around 60* F here during the day and gets cold at night. The biggest thing is that it never gets dark, just dim. It remains light enough to see without a flashlight all night long. Even at 11:00PM, it's a twilight-ish light. It's been sort of hazy and cloudy since I've gotten here too, so it isn't super bright either.

I won't have a whole lot of internet access and no cell phone service while I'm here. I've been helping out at the camp, working on whatever needs doing. I'm actually the first of the summer staff to arrive, whereas I thought I'd be a latecomer. I'm glad to be here. For now I'm getting to know the Walshes(who run the camp/church) and eating all my meals with them since the camp staff is just them and I. Anyway, I'm having lots of fun. Here are some pics I took:


There aren't very many(or very big) because the satellite internet here is metered and I don't want to eat into anyone's limit.

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